Honor And Huawei Relationship: Have No Mercy On Anyone

Honor and Huawei Relationship

In the ever-evolving landscape of smartphone technology, Honor, the subsidiary once closely tied to Huawei, has embarked on a path of independence. The upcoming release of a new phone and technology sparked discussions in the comment sections, with many expressing hopes for a reunion between Honor and Huawei. However, Honor CEO Zhao Ming’s recent remarks shed light on the current dynamics between the two entities.

In a short conversation video posted on Weibo, Zhao Ming revealed that there is still contact between Honor and Huawei, albeit infrequent due to their busy schedules. Yet, he was clear in stating that, “at this time we may not have mercy on anyone.” This statement reflects Honor’s commitment to charting its course in the competitive smartphone market.

Addressing the relationship with Huawei, Zhao Ming acknowledged that Honor has inherited the spirit of its parent company. However, he emphasized that Honor is no longer simply an extension of Huawei. The analogy of a “gentleman’s quarrel” suggests a friendly separation, acknowledging their shared roots but recognizing the distinct paths each has chosen.

Honor’s pursuit of independence has proven to be a strategic move, allowing the brand to shed its former alternative positioning. As a result, Honor has progressively stepped into the realm of high-end products, even positioning itself to compete with Huawei’s flagship devices. This shift signifies Honor’s determination to carve its niche in the market and diversify its offerings.

When asked about the similarities and differences between Honor and Huawei, Zhao Ming likened Honor to a thick branch and bud cut from Huawei’s big tree. While the core values and cultural spirit of Huawei continue to influence Honor, the brand has also undergone a transformative process, adapting to different soil, living environments, and experiences. This has led to a unique evolution, making Honor distinct in its own right.

In conclusion, Honor’s journey towards independence reflects a harmonious blend of heritage and innovation. As it forges ahead, the brand stands as a testament to the adaptability and resilience of companies in the ever-competitive tech industry. Honor has not only inherited the essence of Huawei but has also cultivated its identity, symbolizing a new chapter in the story of these two intertwined entities.

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