OnePlus Ace 3 Teaser Video Showcases Dazzling Mingsha Gold Color

OnePlus Ace 3 Teaser Video

In a much-anticipated announcement today, OnePlus officially teased its upcoming flagship, the OnePlus Ace 3, showcasing a breathtaking new color scheme known as “Mingsha Gold.” OnePlus Ace 3 teaser video not only highlighted the striking aesthetics of the device but also revealed a rear design consistent with earlier renderings.

OnePlus Ace 3 Teaser Video

According to OnePlus, the Ace 3 boasts cutting-edge glass technology and a flagship metal center frame, reaching new heights in the realm of texture for performance-oriented smartphones. Describing the Mingsha Gold color, the company emphasized the fusion of romance and elegance, vitality and calmness, all interwoven with light and shadow. The color palette aims to convey self-confidence and serenity, resembling the first rays of sunshine in the desert and fulfilling users’ expectations for the texture and feel of a performance phone.

OnePlus Ace 3 Mingsha Gold color

Li Jie, president of OnePlus China, shed light on the meticulous details incorporated into the Ace 3’s design. The flagship metal center frame received an upgrade, and a groundbreaking “Molten Gold Glass Process” was introduced for the OnePlus Ace 3 Mingsha Gold color. Described as industry-first, this process pushes the boundaries of the art of light and shadow, preserving the captivating glimmer of glass while imparting a unique metallic essence.

Discussing the inspiration behind the Mingsha Gold color, Li Jie revealed that the Ace 3’s color scheme concept revolves around “all things natural.” Drawing inspiration from the sky, the earth, and the ocean, the Mingsha Gold is specifically inspired by the earth, embodying a harmonious blend of natural elements.

As anticipation builds for the OnePlus Ace 3, it is evident that the device is not only set to deliver top-tier performance but also aims to redefine the visual and tactile experience for users. The marriage of cutting-edge technology and artistic design principles marks a significant stride in OnePlus’ commitment to offering a premium smartphone experience.

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