CMF Neckband Pro: The Ultimate Review and Comparison

An Introduction to the CMF Neckband Pro

Welcome to the world of neckband earbuds! It seems like they are making a return once again, and one of the modern day merchandise on this category is the CMF Neckband Pro. In this precise assessment, we are able to discover the features and capabilities of the CMF Neckband Pro, and also compare it to the famous OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2C. Let’s dive proper in!

The Smart Dial: A Unique Party Trick

One of the standout functions of the CMF Neckband Pro is its Smart Dial.

This is some thing that you might not locate on every other neckband product. The tactile comments of a bodily dial can not be overstated, and the clicks that you feel when converting the volume is every tech enthusiast’s dream. However, it’s well worth noting that the construct excellent of the button itself won’t be the best, so you’ll need to deal with it with care. The Smart Dial isn’t just a rotating dial, it is able to additionally be clicked to play or pause tune, or even exchange tracks. Additionally, like most neckbands, the CMF Neckband Pro also functions magnetic controls that will let you pause the song whilst you connect the buds the usage of these magnets. However, detaching them may not routinely play the tune, which is a feature that is lacking at the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2C.

Comfort and Design

The neckband shape issue may not be everyone’s cup of tea, as having something dangling from the neck may be demanding for some. However, the CMF Neckband Pro addresses this problem with its smooth rubber band that ensures lengthy-lasting consolation. You can put on it for prolonged durations without experiencing any soreness. If you are not partial to the flashy orange colour, there are other colour options available: light gray and dark grey. In phrases of design, each the CMF Neckband Pro and the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2C provide an IP55 rating, which affords outstanding protection in opposition to dust and water.

Connectivity and Companion Apps

When it involves connectivity, the CMF Neckband Pro gives help for Google Fast Pair and Microsoft Swift Pair. It additionally includes a Dual connection choice, permitting you to live linked to a telephone and a pc simultaneously. Switching among gadgets is as easy as double-pressing the characteristic button. On the alternative hand, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2C only lets in you to live related to one tool at a time, and switching to some other tool will disconnect the primary one. Both neckbands offer companion apps, with the Nothing X app searching better than the Hy LED app on OnePlus. Both apps offer manipulate for equalizer settings and game mode. However, it’s really worth mentioning that the low latency mode for gaming on the CMF Neckband Pro has a latency of 120ms, that’s pretty excessive. It additionally simplest works with Nothing phones. The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2C, on the other hand, gives a sport mode with a latency of 94ms, that’s barely higher. It’s critical to observe that the game mode on each neckbands is simplest well matched with particular telephones from their respective brands.

Noise Cancellation and Microphone Quality

The CMF Neckband Pro boasts 50dB of environmental noise cancellation, which is better than the 45dB offered by the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2C. In actual-lifestyles trying out, the CMF Neckband Pro excels at slicing out historical past noises, particularly while there is a fan walking in the background. The microphone nice at the CMF Neckband Pro is also barely better, thanks to its five-mic setup as compared to the 3 mics on the OnePlus Bullets. Take a concentrate to the microphone sound quality evaluation and allow us to recognise which one you opt for:

  • This is with the ANC on and you can hear the noise getting cancelled.
  • This is with the ANC on and now we can listen the noise getting cancelled.

Sound Quality: The Good and the Bad

Now allow’s communicate about the maximum critical aspect of any audio product: sound high-quality. The CMF Neckband Pro features 13.2mm drivers which might be tuned for bass. Even within the balanced equalizer placing, the sound is extremely bass-heavy to the point in which it overpowers the vocals. The treble is poorly tuned, lacking extension and shimmer. The soundstage is almost non-existent. It’s vital to word that even after adjusting the EQ settings, the sound first-class would not improve drastically. In fact, the spatial audio mode, which is meant to beautify the listening enjoy, can motive distortion whilst the quantity is ready slightly better than eighty%. On the opposite hand, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2C gives a greater balanced sound profile with better imaging and a semblance of sound staging. If sound fine is your pinnacle precedence, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2C will be the better choice. However, if you’re searching out superior sound, it is really worth considering older models just like the RHA MA750, MA650, or the Oppo Enco M31.

Conclusion: CMF Neckband Pro or OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2C?

So, which neckband need to you select? The CMF Neckband Pro virtually has its unique selling factors, including the smart dial and better noise cancellation. However, when it comes to sound first-rate, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2C edges beforehand. If you have got the choice, older models like the RHA MA750 or the Oppo Enco M31 is probably a better preference for superior sound satisfactory. As the sector of audio products continues to adapt, it is important for manufacturers to prioritize sound excellent and strike a stability between bass and different frequencies. After all, top sound will usually be in demand. What do you watched of the CMF Neckband Pro? Let us recognize within the comment segment beneath!

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