The OnePlus Nord CE4 vs. Nothing Phone 2(A): Which is the Best Option Under 25,000 Rupees?


If you thought the Nothing Phone 2A turned into a good deal, wait till you listen about the OnePlus N C4! Priced at only some thousand extra Rupees, the N C4 comes with the new Snapdragon 7 Gen three, which outperforms the MediaTek Dimensity 7200 determined within the Nothing Phone 2A. In this article, we can examine those smartphones and determine which one is the best option underneath 25,000 Rupees.


When it involves performance, the Snapdragon 7 Gen three inside the OnePlus N C4 proves to be advanced. Benchmark tests showed better ratings on both AnTuTu and Geekbench 6 compared to the Nothing Phone 2A. In the 40-minute CPU throttle check, the Nothing Phone 2A displayed better stability, but the N C4 had better common and maximum body costs in video games like BGMI and Genshin Impact.

Additionally, the N C4 boasts UFS three.1 storage, providing quicker study and write speeds compared to the U.S.2.2 at the Nothing Phone 2A. Both telephones offer easy animations, but customers have stated fewer stutters on the OnePlus device. Therefore, in phrases of performance, the OnePlus N C4 emerges as the clear winner.

Battery Life

While the Nothing Phone 2A already offers exquisite battery life with 7 to eight hours of display on time, the OnePlus N C4 takes it a step further. Users have said 8 to 9 hours of display on time, and the telephone can without problems last for 2 days with slight to heavy utilization. The N C4 additionally includes a five,500 mAh battery, surpassing the 5,000 mAh battery within the Nothing Phone 2A. Furthermore, OnePlus presents a one hundred W Superbook charger that fees the smartphone from 0 to a hundred in only 29 mins, even as the Nothing Phone 2A takes 70 minutes for a complete price. With its superb battery lifestyles and speedy charging abilities, the OnePlus N C4 wins in the battery department.

Design and Build

Both the OnePlus N C4 and the Nothing Phone 2A have their particular design factors. The N C4 capabilities a barely upgraded digital camera module and a sleek, plastic frame. It additionally offers an IP54 rating, offering a few protection against dust and water splashes. On the alternative hand, the Nothing Phone 2A has a transparent plastic back with Cliff lights, which are not just a gimmick but functional as well. The phone’s IP54 score guarantees a few level of sturdiness.

In terms of 5G band aid, the Nothing Phone 2A gives more options than the N C4 to be used in India. However, on the subject of global utilization, the N C4 may additionally have an advantage. Overall, the design desire may range relying on person tastes, however both telephones offer a nice in-hand experience.


The OnePlus N C4 boasts narrow bezels, despite the fact that they may be not symmetrical. In evaluation, the Nothing Phone 2A has barely thicker, but symmetrical bezels. While the Nothing Phone 2A gives a brighter show each interior and outdoors, OnePlus has numerous advantages. Firstly, OnePlus supports HDR video playback on both YouTube and Netflix, at the same time as the Nothing Phone 2A handiest supports it on YouTube. Additionally, OnePlus provides higher shade tuning and haptic remarks, resulting in a greater subtle experience. Both phones provide 60 Hz PWM dimming.

Audio and Sound

When it comes to audio pleasant, the OnePlus N C4 offers a greater refined sound with higher details in comparison to the Nothing Phone 2A. Users have pronounced a preference for the sound first-class on OnePlus gadgets. However, sound excellent can also range relying on private preferences.


Software revel in on each phones is noteworthy. The OnePlus N C4 runs OxygenOS, primarily based on Android 14, supplying a easy and reliable consumer revel in. The software program gives functions like a seek bar on the home display and a report dock for clean get entry to. OxygenOS also implements iOS’s Dynamic Isid, enhancing the user interface. Additionally, OnePlus promises years of software updates and three years of security updates.

Meanwhile, the Nothing Phone 2A runs Nothing OS 2.5, additionally primarily based on Android 14. The software offers a clean and minimalistic revel in, with capabilities like a dot matrix font design, enlarged folders, and glyph lighting. The quick settings at the lock screen and 3 years of software program updates and 4 years of safety updates make it a compelling alternative for software program enthusiasts. Overall, the software enjoy at the Nothing Phone 2A resembles what OnePlus devices provided some years in the past, giving it an area on this class.


The OnePlus N C4 functions the Sony LYT 600 sensor for its primary camera, providing herbal-searching information. However, the Nothing Phone 2A excels in HDR tuning, showing higher manage over highlights and shadows. The Nothing Phone 2A additionally offers higher shade reproduction, particularly in crimson, red, and orange tones. When it involves graphics, the OnePlus N C4 presents better edge cutout and bokeh impact. In low mild situations, the Nothing Phone 2A captures higher images.

In terms of the selfie digicam, the OnePlus N C4 offers better skin tones, more info, and progressed HDR performance. However, the Nothing Phone 2A performs better in low mild selfies. In phrases of video recording, the Nothing Phone 2A supports 1080p 60 FPS, even as the OnePlus N C4 lacks stabilization. Both phones can shoot 4K 30 FPS videos, however the Nothing Phone 2A offers better stabilization. Therefore, the digicam performance may additionally range depending on man or woman alternatives and usage eventualities.

Pricing and Conclusion

The OnePlus N C4 is priced lower than the release rate of the N C3, making it an attractive alternative for customers. Objectively and subjectively, the N C4 proves to be the better typical product in comparison to the Nothing Phone 2A. The OnePlus tool offers advanced overall performance, battery existence, software program revel in, and camera capabilities. However, person preferences may additionally range, so it is crucial to don’t forget personal wishes and priorities whilst you decide.

Whether you prefer the sleek layout and improved digital camera of the OnePlus N C4 or the obvious again and specific lights functions of the Nothing Phone 2A, each devices offer incredible value for the charge. We desire this assessment has helped you are making an knowledgeable choice. Let us know your thoughts and alternatives inside the remarks underneath!

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