Motorola Edge 50 Pro or OnePlus Nord C4 – A Detailed Comparison


If you are inside the marketplace for a new telephone and are torn among the Moto H50 Pro and the OnePlus Not C4, you have got come to the proper region. In this weblog publish, we are able to provide an in depth evaluation of those two gadgets that will help you make an knowledgeable decision.

Performance and Storage

Let’s begin by using addressing one of the main controversies surrounding those phones – the garage generation. The Moto H50 Pro capabilities usa2.2, while the Not C4 comes with usathree.1. This effects in the Not C4 having higher sequential write speeds. However, the Moto H50 Pro plays better in phrases of random write speeds, way to a few optimizations carried out by way of Motorola. Although benchmark ratings are similar, the Moto H50 Pro does throttle greater in the course of CPU-intensive obligations as compared to the Not C4. However, on the subject of gaming, the Moto H50 Pro has better average body costs, giving it an part in terms of performance.


Next, permit’s speak the digicam abilties of these devices. The Moto H50 Pro has higher camera specifications with an extra 3x telephoto lens as compared to the Not C4. In our checking out, the Moto H50 Pro captured more details and sharper snap shots, although slightly oversharpened.

The HDR overall performance is also higher on the Moto H50 Pro, with better manage over highlights and extra info in shadows. However, each phones have their shortcomings in relation to shade accuracy, with the Moto H50 Pro having a slight yellow solid and the Not C4 having a moderate red cast. In low-mild conditions, the Moto H50 Pro performs higher, bringing out more detail and supplying better exposure in comparison to the Not C4. The 3x optical zoom at the Moto H50 Pro also offers extra unique pictures in comparison to the virtual zoom at the Not C4. Overall, the Moto H50 Pro gives a extra versatile and mature camera setup.


When it involves shows, the Moto H50 Pro takes the lead. It offers a better resolution, better refresh rate, brighter display for better outside visibility, and better HDR gradation. Additionally, the Moto H50 Pro’s show is tuned for better coloration accuracy, thanks to Pantone color validation. However, the Not C4 does have some blessings, such as Netflix HDR assist and stepped forward haptic feedback.


In phrases of software, both phones run on Android 14, with the Moto H50 Pro presenting Hello UI and the Not C4 providing Oxygen OS. While the Not C4 guarantees longer OS updates, Motorola has now not been constant with its software updates inside the past. Both UIs offer a easy software revel in with minimal bloatware, and each has its particular capabilities and visual identification. It in the end comes all the way down to private desire.

Build and Charging

The Moto H50 Pro capabilities premium materials like vegan leather-based and a metal body, while the Not C4 is made totally of plastic. Additionally, the Moto H50 Pro offers IP68 score for water and dirt resistance, as well as 50W wi-fi charging aid. However, it is really worth noting that the compatible 50W Motorola charger is not currently to be had in India. On the other hand, the Not C4 supports 125W charging speeds and gives better battery existence as compared to the Moto H50 Pro.


In end, each the Moto H50 Pro and the OnePlus Not C4 are amazing smartphones of their respective charge ranges. The Moto H50 Pro offers better performance, a greater flexible digital camera setup, and a superior display. However, it comes at a higher charge and lacks some of the advantages offered by the Not C4, inclusive of expandable garage and an infrared blaster. Ultimately, the selection between those two phones depends for your priorities and price range. We hope this unique contrast has provided you with the readability you need to make an informed decision.

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